مشتري وسائل الاعلام

CitJo is a way for regular citizens of the world to shape the news, and bring to light their eyewitness reports. Our website organizes content to give citizen journalism content professional value.

We categorize material and organize it by type and quality. Our team of editors verifies and vets the material to give you, the media buyer, material you can use immediately.

The CitJo brand is based on professionalism, journalistic integrity and quality work. Our focus is to develop a strong network of citjos with those same values. Our platform is here to fill the need for a professional site that allows easy access to reliable news media on the ground.

Why Now?

The news industry has had to adjust to difficult economic times. As such, social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have become invaluable to the news industry. Reporters now have access to millions of people around the globe with the click of a button.

News organizations are now faced with the challenge of sifting through millions of posts to find accurate information. They have to get in touch with the license owner, and vet the content. CitJo saves time in an already shortened news cycle. It provides immediate access to media that has been vetted, reliable citizen journalists and unique material.

Happening Now:

Social media has done wonders to open the doors of communication between newsmakers and eyewitnesses. But when a story breaks, there's no time to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Enter our Camera Roll. As soon as a user posts an event, it will show up in real time on the timeline. We'll be sitting on our end monitoring all the videos that come in to vet the most interesting media.

You'll also have the option of setting up your camera roll to a specific region or topic.

The Camera Roll is valuable even beyond just a breaking news story. Our citjos are breaking stories that you may not be aware of. Set your Camera Roll up and watch what's going on in your beat.

You may end up with the perfect video for your package, or you might come across something you weren't even aware of.

Our team is always standing by to make sure you get as much information on each piece of media that comes out. We will help you find out the details of the story, and if we haven't already vetted the material, we'll make sure it can get the CitJo check.


Whether you are working on a package for immediately breaking news, or a feature documentary, you want easy, and immediate access to the media you need.

That's why our filter system is set up to make it as easy as possible for you to find your media. Just click on your choices in the filter menu to the left. Each click will generate a list of relevant media.

Filters can be done based on the type and quality of the media, its editorial content, where it was posted and when. You can also filter out all the non-vetted material.

We've kept our browse page as simple and professional as possible. We aim to save you the time and the effort it takes to find, vet and license this material.


CitJo aims to provide the media buyer with as much information on every photo and video as possible.

Our image and video preview page gives you a caption with as much editorial information as possible. You can check out the keywords associated with the post, and link directly to other media with the same keywords.

We also include the metadata information. We realize that sometimes you need a high quality picture taken with a more professional camera, or in a specific format.

The CitJo logo indicates that the image was uploaded directly to our server. This way you can easily identify exclusive material.

Our users set their purchasing licenses, and the price of their media. We give the option of creative commons and royalty free licenses, and allow them to decide how much the media is worth.